Amey has been in the industry for 25 years, experienced in both barbering and cosmetology. She has efficiently and effectively managed multiple salons, focusing on marketing and career-building. Amey stays current on trending cuts and styles by taking continuing education courses and attending hair shows. She is passionate about building relationships with her clients, making sure they leave her chair feeling confident! Amey is very involved in working with local non-profits to ensure she is giving back to her community. In her spare time, Amey enjoys being outdoors and loving on her dog, Bella.



April has been cutting hair for over 25 years and has been specializing in men's hair care for 15. She has attended many continuing education classes to keep her skills sharp and was an art director for 7 years. April keeps herself up to date on current trends and specializes in the mullet and man perms. When she is not working, April enjoys doing anything and everything outdoors!


Rachel has been in the industry for almost 10 years. She is experienced in barbering and cosmetology but has been primarily focusing on men’s beards and styles for the past 5 years. Rachel goes to hair shows and does online training to stay on top of current trends & continue her education. Rachel originally got into the industry to help others. She believes when you look your best, you feel your best.



Tara has been in the industry for 5 years. She is experienced in both cosmetology and barbering but specializes in men's haircuts and beard trims. Tara enjoys doing skin fades and mullets! She stays up to date on trends and styles with continued education classes. Tara says she loves making people feel good about themselves and has found her passion doing hair!


Lexi has been in the hair industry for 7+ years. She is experienced in barbering and cosmetology but primarily specializes in mens cuts including bald fades, scissor cuts, mullets and any size beard! She is always staying up to date with new trends for anyone looking to change it up. On her off time Lexi loves hiking camping and hanging with her pups Loki and Velma!


Morgan has been in the industry for over 6 years. She is skilled in barbering and cosmetology. She loves doing skin fades, mullets and flat tops. She also enjoys using funky colors to spice up someones look. When Morgan was younger she would set up a hair salon in her bedroom. She even went as far as making a price list. Safe to say, she discovered her passion at a very young age. When she isn't at work she enjoys spending time with her daughter and animals.

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Elizabeth has been a licensed cosmetologist for 10+ years. Her favorite thing about the hair industry is that it is constantly changing. Her willingness to stay current with new phases and trends, as well as her ability to also remain true to the classic cuts bodes well for anyone wishing to look their very best. When Elizabeth’s not at the salon, you might find her outdoors with her pug Frank.

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